“Peter writes, plays and sings wonderfully well and his songs are filled with humor, heart and conscience. He’s a philosopher-wise-guy who hits the nail on the head without bending it.” – U. Utah Phillips

“…widely regarded as the area’s best songwriter, Wilson is at his best performing live.” – The Union

“Damn he’s good…” – Jessie Winchester

“Hey, good job.” – David Lindley

“I want to sound like Peter.” – Antsy McClain – Trailer Park Troubadours

” …the demi-comic, folkish singer from Grass Valley delighted Palms audiences with his ingenuous mix of Arlo Guthrie, Bob Weir and sheer originality.” – Sacramento Bee

“Wilson is a strong live performer. He can perform original material to an audience numbed into apathy and make them listen. …he’ll get outrageous and he’ll get away with it.” – Peter Berkow, Chico Times

” A strong first entry, plenty of diversity and some good originals.” – Chris Lunn, Victory Music Folk & Jazz Review

“One of the great guys…” – Paul Emery, North Colombia Folk Festival