Santa Barbara

Hi Peter,
Hope this finds you well. I wanted to touch back with you about my proposal about doing some kind of house swap at some point.

I travel a lot for work and while Jon doesn’t always come with me, he often does which means our house is often empty. It’s a 1000 ft, 1927 bungalow on the West side of Santa Barbara, about 2 miles from the beach, about a mile from downtown, a mile from the Mission, about 2 miles from the foothills and some really great hikes.

The house is 2 bedroom (queen beds in both), 1 bath with a tub, dining room, large living room with fireplace (and a very comfortable queen size pullout couch bed), and a large kitchen. The front yard is planted with a multitude of drought tolerant plants/flowers and we have a large back yard with a couple of patios, vegetable beds of various types around the yard, a table, couch, firepit, and fruit trees. We also have laundry available in the garage if needed and a clothesline plus dryer so depending on how you like your clothes dried, we have options.

It’s 1/2 mile off the freeway so very convenient on/off and takes about 10 minutes to get most anywhere in town. I’ve got a bike that can be used as well and there is a lot of great biking and bike paths around town. The neighborhood where we live is residential but quiet, a good mix of folks – many of us have been here for 15 + years. And there are coffee shops, restaurants, a small grocery store within blocks.

there’s a good music scene in town and if you wanted I could connect you to some folks who might be able to plug you into that scene more. And there’s a lot of food/drink options all over town and great wineries if that’s your thing. The Santa Ynez Valley is quite productive – and gorgeous – and a fun place to cruise around.

I’ll email some photos separately so you have a sense of the house.

We’d be open to doing a swap but it would not have to necessarily be at the same time. We’ve got several dates coming up when we know we will be away so you could come any of those dates if they were of interest. Otherwise, we’d connect around when it would be mutually convenient for you/us and go from there. And we’d be open to 4 days, a week? That’s open and depends on when … I’m working full time (Jon is retired) but I can work remotely which is a plus to be sure.

Here’s when we know for sure we will be gone in the coming months:
June 14-22
July 21-August 3
Sept 14-24

Let me know what you think and we’ll go from there. Photos to follow.
If you want to check out local ‘stuff’ here’s a few links that might be of interest:
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Warm regards,